The Blue List



The Blue List was born over cocktails and tampons. As part of her Buddhist practice, Whitney was chanting and had a vision to donate tampons to women who are homeless, so she hosted a tampon drive at the Roxy Hotel in Tribeca. By partnering with a women’s shelter in Brooklyn and tapping into her personal network, Whitney ended up with more than she had imagined: enough participation that a full closet-reorganization was needed to fit supplies at the shelter, and an inspiration to do more.


The Blue List is a membership based organization that provides underserved women and girls throughout New York City with the resources they need to live and thrive. We support programs and initiatives that provide safe shelter and rehabilitation services for women in need and those that mentor and educate underserved girls.



The Blue List community shares one unifying mission: to act. Our philosophy is simple: "many in body, one in mind," and it is in this spirit in which we act. 

Women and girls are the largest group of marginalized people globally. The most expedient means to changing this is through education. The Blue List will invest in the education of girls and advocate for the fair treatment of women worldwide.



Simplifying giving back by empowering every individual with the ability to make an impact so that every single women and child has access to the resources and opportunities they need to live well.  



Providing resources - In New York City, domestic violence is the second leading cause of homelessness and women and children make up three quarters of the shelter population. Shelters depend on the gifts of individual donors to provide hygiene products for the families they serve, when these shelters become overwhelmingly crowded, meeting these demands become increasingly difficult. To alleviate this burden, The Blue List provides domestic violence shelters throughout New York City with basic hygiene products on a recurrent basis.  

Investing in education - Access to quality education in poor neighborhoods is one of the biggest challenges of our time. In New York City underserved communities lack the opportunities necessary to foster growth in young girls. The Blue List partners with organizations to support the programs and initiatives that mentor and educate underserved young girls in the following areas: arts, science and tech, writing, leadership and health and wellness. Based on the scope of the need, The Blue List provides these programs with funding, tools and resources.

Advocacy & Awareness -  The Blue List hosts panel discussions to educate our community on the everchanging issues women and girls face worldwide. Our monthly publication “Coffee & Conversation” explores different perspectives on equality through interviews with leaders across all industries.



The Blue List membership simplifies giving back in a way that is accessible, sustainable and affordable. Our membership program empowers each individual to contribute in a way that is within their reach and offers access to our private events and programing. Our events intertwine with our programs, giving members the opportunity to engage with the women and girls we serve - offering tangible proof of their contributions through membership. We partner with brands and venues to provide curated experiences, expanding the ways in which corporations can contribute and impact. This simple approach of interconnectedness and accessibility simplifies giving back for our members and partners in a way that is inclusive and deeply impactful.